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Hi, I am working on my schools tanks, and am finding that the teacher 
that is leading the project is not that knowledgable.  
     I just arrived on the scene, and found one tank infested with a 
parasite.  I looked at it under a microscope to see if there was 
anything I could do to kill it.  I found that salt killed the parasite.  
I have given all of the fish a salt bath, and about four times, have 
changed the water everyday, and have found that the parasite is almost, 
or practically killed.  There are no visible signs, and I will continue 
to change the water.  None of the fish died, and you can see the dead 
parasites on the fish, other parsites floated up to the top of the salt 
water bath.
     One of the biggest problems is that the guy in charge, decided to 
buy elodea or anarchis, not that I do not like the plant, but on the 
plant there were a few snails.  I warned him to take them off, but he 
did not listen.  Now the tank is infested.  He wants to kill off the 
tank, which is not the smartest thing to do.  I am against it.  Do you 
have any idea how to get rid of them.  I basically have two ways to go,
1.  find a chemical to kill them, although this is not what I want to 
2.  or find a fish that will eat them.  I would like to do this.
The 20 g tank has 6 tetras, one cory,one angle fish, anarchis, just 
It is running off a powerfilter.
Daniel Wiznia
Woodbridge CT
danielwiznia at hotmail_com

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