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Powerhead "power"

Greetings Lunatanks!

I would appreciate some feedback on powerheads. I plan on having a small
powerhead in my new 33L, near the surface, and above my CO2 diffuser.
My hope is to use the powerhead flow to increase the amount of time the
CO2 stays in the water column, thus increasing its dissolvement. I'm
curious as to how big a powerhead and how much flow I should have in my
tank? I'll be running an Eheim Pro Series canister #2324, CO2, four
Ultra Trilux tubes, and of course, lots of plants. Which direction
should I direct the flow from the powerhead? I assume one would want to
direct it slightly down (towards the CO2 bubbles) and across the axis of
the tank. Also, any ideas on which brands are best would be very

Thanks in advance....Morgan Gerk