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Green River

If at first you don't succeed.....

The green water returned after my first attempt at killing it by turning out
the lights.  In that case, large frequent water changes actually worked
against me since our water has 1.0 ppm phosphates out of the tap.  This time
I didn't do any water changes during the 5 days the lights were out, and
have done none now for two weeks.  Not only has the green water not
returned, but all other algaes in the tank are hurting.  According to the
Seachem kit, phosphates are approaching 0.1 ppm.  I resumed PMDD dosing
after the lights were back on, a week later things are still clear.  I was
worried most about the crypts reacting badly to the 5 days of darkness, but
all they did was fold their leaves up vertically.  Swords, R. macrandra,
bacopa, H. difformis, marsilea and hydrocotyl all did fine too.