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re: needle valve vs pressure regulator

> No, no, no... I posted my message wrong.  I was recalling about how another APD reader had found a lower pressure regulator at lowe's... something around 200
> psi max (probably for
> an air compressor).  My query was if anyone had thought of using this regulator AFTER a high pressure regulator INSTEAD of a needle vavle.  A needle vavle is
> designed for flow
> control rather than pressure control.  Could this be a feasible, if not better (easier to control) alternative.  I was not at all thinking about using just the single low
> pressure
> regulator on a tank where the psi is up around 1000.
> Chris
I don't have personal experience with this, but I really think that you
want a needle valve. You want to regulate flow rate, that's what a
needle valve does. With very low pressures and low resistance to flow it
is difficult to regulate flow rate.
A higher pressure and a controlled resistance should give you more
stable flow. The uncontrollables like atmospheric pressure and depth in
the aquarium will have less affect on flow rate with the higher

Harvey Schneider
<harvsch at earthlink_net>