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K fert's & champagne yeast

Hi my fellow APDers:
    First I want to say that you all are such a feisty group...which is not
a bad thing. I think I'm actually reading the posts now for their humor and
debate rather than the info. 
    Now for the serious stuff (I'll be brief).
    Can anyone tell me of a commercial fertilizer that is something like
0-0-5 AND contains many of the trace elements?  I know that Tetra Florapride
is 0-0-3 and contains something like .15 % Fe , but I was wondering if there
was anything else out there.  Unless someone can recommend something to me,
I 'll have to try my own version of PMDD, but right now I'm too lazy to get
all the ingredients.  
    Second, I remember reading about the champagne yeast thing several
issues back.  Yeah,  I know I should just check the archives but I was
wondering if anyone has any immediate suggestions for ingredient ratios and
other tips.  BTW, if you are in the SF Bay Area (EAst bay) you can get some
champagne yeast (Saccharomyces bayanus) at the Oak Barrel @ 1443 San Pablo
AVe.  in Berkeley; it's a brewery store.  I went there on St. Patrick's Day
(how fitting..)and the gentleman there was extremely helpful and even showed
me all the yeasts they have.  
    Thanks in advance my friends and keep up the fun posts.

Larry in Berkeley, CA
Go Bears!
odnaib at uclink4_berkeley.edu