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re: K fert's & champagne yeast

Lorenzo Biando wrote:

> Can anyone tell me of a commercial fertilizer
> that is something like 0-0-5 AND contains many
> of the trace elements?  I know that Tetra Florapride
> is 0-0-3 and contains something like .15 % Fe , but
> I was wondering if there was anything else out there.
> Unless someone can recommend something to me,
> I 'll have to try my own version of PMDD, but right
> now I'm too lazy to get all the ingredients.

Regards the fertilizer,  it is endemic to aquarium fertilizers
that they not be "0-0-?";  N & P are assumed to be dosed
as fish food and are deliberately left out.  If the question is
which fertilizers go heavy on K, I could suggest the following.
At their dosed rates the following are available:

   Tropica Master Grow ( 0.79 mg/L K )
      provides trace elements. The K is enough
      to help you get by but may you may need more.

   Dupla Duplaplant Tablets ( 7.0 mg/L K )
     provides trace. Should be used with their
     DuplaPlant24 fertilizer as well.  These may
     still be available and you could snatch up a 1
     or 2 year supply.  The chances are a good product
     as this will be picked up by another importer
     w/in that time frame.

  Seachem Equilibrium ( 76 mg/L K )
    Also supplements Ca and Mg and major trace
    ( Fe, Mn ).  Should be used with their Flourish
    and Flourish Iron as well.

   Potassium Gluconate tablets ( 90mg )
      Next to all the other vitamins at your favorite
      drug store.  These are convenient for K only.

I assume in all of this you know what's in your tap water.
You should.

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net