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Flourite or Laterite?

I am fairly new to the Aquatic-Plants Digest, but I have already gained
an immense amount of knowledge from it regarding planted tanks. I do
have a few questions that I would like to ask of you savvy aquarists.
Which is better for planted tanks- Flourite or Laterite substrates? I
have read the archives and the numerous opinions, but I'd like to know
what the current evaluations are regarding the benefits of each of these
materials. My new tank is a 33L that I plan to stock with Cardinal
Tetras, Caridina japonica (if I'm fortunate enough to find them), an
army of Ottos, and of course, plenty of plants. Additionally, does
anyone have an opinion regarding the best CO2 systems available in the
$200-$400 range? Thanks in advance for the bytes...

Morgan Gerk
Milwaukee, Wisconsin