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algone and chanpagne

1.  Since I've always had a bit of a nitrate problem, I decided to give
Algone a try before I concluded that it wouldn't work.  I have a 30 gal
tank, heavily planted, and well stocked with fish.  I have used Algone in
the filter for several weeks.  Although it hasn't worked as well as its
advertisements say it should, it does seem to have had an effect.  My
nitrates have stayed at the 15-20ppm level, which is about half of what it
is when I make no efforts to reduce them.  There has been no noticeable
change in water clarity,  hardness or Ph.   It has worked at least as well
as NitraSorb, and other similar products.  I suggest that those of you
fighting nitrates might give it a look.

2.  Champagne yeast, however, has not done well for me.  It costs more than
regular yeast, at least here in the Washington, DC, area, and hasn't lasted
any longer than the regular yeast.  Of course it is possible that it has
produced more CO2, but in a shorter time.

Has anyone actually measured the output of a DIY CO2 generator using regular
and champagne yeast, to quantify any difference?

John Godbey