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Hi all,
I live in Perth West Australia and there isn't much in the way of aquarium
products/fish/plants. However I went to a shop called Vebas and they have
those little algae eaters that people want so much. They appear to be
SAE's! And were sold as siamese flying foxes,  I was overjoyed. I bought 4
for $10 = $7US (2inches) thats cheap right? (cheaper then CAE'S) They have
1 set of barbels not 2 and rest in diagnol position - this is a SAE right?
the black stripe gos into the rear fin and seems to peter out. They also
grab any flakes I feed to my tetras. For there length they are thinner then
Someone confirm please!
Daniel Green.
bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.edu.au