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In a message dated 3/16/99 2:05:21 AM Mountain Standard Time, Aquatic-Plants-
Owner at actwin_com writes:

> They have
>  1 set of barbels not 2 and rest in diagnol position - this is a SAE right?
>  the black stripe gos into the rear fin and seems to peter out. They also
>  grab any flakes I feed to my tetras. For there length they are thinner then
>  CAE's
>  Someone confirm please!

Sounds good.  Do they have transparent fins?  And better yet, do they look
like the fish in the picture at 
<A HREF="http://www.wcf.com/gallery/007-005X.JPG">
http://www.wcf.com/gallery/007-005X.JPG</A> ?  Then that's them.

Bob Dixon