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Re: oyster shell

Dave writes:	

<snip>>However, my search continues for a calcium supplement that will in fact
>increase GH and not KH. Any suggestions anyone. Be careful, I will perform
>the test.....

I have fantasies of building an experimental CO2 generator using hydrocloric
acid and dolomite, which will produce water and calcium chloride as
byproducts.  Calcium chloride would do the job nicely.  Also you substitute
nitric acid, producing water and calcium nitrate.  CaNO3 would provide both
calcium and nitrogen if your tank is nitrogen limited.  Actually, there are a
number of acids that could be combined with CaCO3 or MgCO3 to produce a
calcium or magnesium salt that would raise GH and not KH.  These salts ought
to also be available commercially, but with a CO2 generator that produces
something else you can use, that might be nifty.

Bob Dixon