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Ice Cap Flicker

Tom Wood commented that he had problems with his Ice Cap Metal Halide ballast
flickering.  Reports that I have read said that this flickering is caused by a
drop in mains voltage.  If your mains voltage drops into the 100-105 range you
will get flickering.  If your voltage drops into the low 90s your lamp will
not light at all.

Tom, if you have a chance, set up the Ice Cap again and measure the mains
voltage when the lamp flickers.  If the lamp flickers when your voltage drops,
then just buy a voltage regulator/transformer to keep your voltage up.
Tripplite makes some affordable ones.  (When we lived on Guam the mains
voltage varied between 85 and 145 volts on any given day.  Thus, everything in
the house was on Tripplite voltage regulators.)

Hope this helps.

Roger Gordon
San Diego, California