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RE: Algae-eating Cyprinids

Hey Andy,

     What about barbels?  Couldn't you work that into your key?  I have 9
Siamensis and 1 true SAE in my tank.  Side by side, the differences are much
more obvious.  By the way, the false Siamensis has 2 pairs of barbels, not
one.  Liisa's and Neil's chart at the krib is incorrect, it lists this fish as
having only one pair.  
     When I first read their article, I correctly identified my fish as false
Then I noticed that these guys had 2 pairs of barbels.  I e-mailed Liisa and
confirmed that the chart was incorrect, and that the false Siamensis did
have 2 pairs.  I initially thought I had a similar species.  This could be
important for those of you who are hunting SAE's.
     You have to look pretty close to see them, but they are there.
     I have also noticed that my true SAE has shiny, reflective scales,
similar to
a Tinfoil Barb.  Has anyone else noticed this?