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Re: more excess CO2

In a message dated 3/14/1999 2:53:17 PM Central Standard Time, Aquatic-Plants-
Owner at actwin_com writes:

>  I'm assuming the change in pH is being effected by the CO2 I'm adding and
>  not some other chemical, since the water I'm starting with is pH 8.2, 14
>  dKH, calculated to have about 3 ppm CO2, or about what I'm lead to believe
>  is a normal equalibrium content for CO2.

If this is a 10 gallon tank I can see the CO2 getting that high.  Somewhere
your posting though I thought you mentioned a 100 gallon tank and cannot
see DIY CO2 getting that high in a 100 gallon tank.

>  The observation that "at levels over 40ppm few fish can survive" is basis
>  my concern. Adding the CO2 from a 2 liter yeast generator brings my pH down
>  to about 6.6 which based on dKH of 14, leaves me with CO2 at 165 ppm, hence
>  my reluctance to add fish.

Yes, in your case the CO2 needs to be reduced.  From a yeast reactor it can be
done by putting in less yeast and sugar.