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Newbie alert-light,gowth

karen R writes:
> You will learn
>MORE from this group, as well as enjoy the good fellowship that pervades
>this group if you participate.

   You're right.I've been lurking for about two months and have read many
posts in the archives and FAQ. I always enjoy every mail which contains the

  I started a planted tank 15 days ago.It's a 29gal with
Elodea,Echinodorus,hornwort,Valisneria,Mayaca,Hygrophila and a
Alternanthera.Everything seems to be doing well except for the Hygrophila
Polysperma.The first question I have is about lighting.I have 4' 40 watt
bulbs(2) over the tank,a Chroma 50 and a WS Gro-lux.The plants give off
bubbles in the morning when the tank gets some early morning(~3hrs)
sunlight.Once the tank is no longer getting the sun,the bubbles slow down
dramatically.Is this normal??? I translate 2- 40watt bulbs on a 29 gal as
2.75 watts/gal.Even when not getting direct sunlight the tank gets bright
indirect light plus the flouro's.All the plants seem to be either getting
larger or sending shoots from the nodes _except_ for the Hygrophila which
to my eyes is looking forlorn! Pale foliage on the top,leaves droopy,little
if any upward growth. I  _do_ seem to notice tiny plantlets coming out of
the substrate.Which BTW is clay with 2-3mm aggregate on top.I also think I
may have made a mistake by placing 1/4 pieces of Jobes for palms in the
substrate,placed where I planted,right from the get-go.The problem for us
newbies is,so many knowledgable opinions,leaving us with so many
decisions:-) Anyway,I'm getting windy! Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Gerry Brierley

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