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Cheap 24v transformers for DIY heating cables

Hello all,

     This is off subject but I have just run across some info that DIY'ers
should find
helpful.  For those of you who are looking for the best price on 24 volt
for use with Dupla heating cables, I believe I have found the cheapest source.
Hosfelt Electronics:  1-800-524-6464.  Request a free catalog.  
     PN# 56-385 is a toroidal transformer rated at 24 VAC @ 6.2 Amps. Price:
Two of these could be purchased for $30 and wired in parallel for a 24 volt,
12.4 amp supply to power even the highest wattage Dupla heating cables.  The
Dupla 1000 (250 watt) heating cable draws about 10.4 amps so the above combo
would easily handle this load.  Smaller cables, such as 100 watts, could be
used with
a single 6.2 amp transformer without overheating it.  
     A temperature controller (the kind with the separate probe) could then be
purchased for about $35.00 to complete the project.  

I hope this helps someone,