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Re: Crypt melt down

Chris Wells writes:

<snip>> Well after about 2 weeks the tops of almost all of the leaves have
>  back somewhat like crypts do but not as fast.
>  Is this to be expected?  Are these just fragile plants or did the water
>  chemistry change have something to do with it?
>  Would I be better off to try and get plants from a supplier with similar
>  water chemistry?  Any suggestions for the next time?

Sometimes my crpts melt after in a couple of days, sometimes it takes a while
before it even starts.  This sounds normal to me, and I wouldn't panic just
yet.  AFAIK, the exact trigger is unknown, just that the things tend to do
this after a change in whater chemisttry.  The Petco in my town (Boise, ID)
uses the same water I do.  They get in Crypts and keep them for weeks without
a problem.  Then I take them home and boom.  They melt like butter in a
microwave.  Since they come in potted, I suspect that disturbing the roots is
one of possibly a half-dozen triggers.

Bob Dixon