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Re:Fish Eat Calcium Carbonate!?

Lovell writes:

> My water is extremely soft (<1 dKH) so I put generic pharmaceutical
>  calcium supplement tablets in the tank at each water change.  When I
>  first started doing this, I noticed that the SAE seemed to love the
>  stuff -- he would stick his face into it and stir it all up.  Then the
>  next day I'd see white SAE poop all over the tank.  Now my new Moonlight
>  Gourami is doing the same thing in my other tank.  Have any of you CaCO3
>  users noticed this behavior?  Any thoughts as to why it might be
>  happening?  It doesn't seem to hurt the fish any.<<snip>

The tablets are probably held together by a binder the fish find tasty.  As
long as it doens't seem to be hurting them, think of it as a distribution

Bob Dixon