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RE: CD Reflector

Olga is wondering about using old CD's as light relectors...

>A good friend of mine in Italy is wondering if covering the inside of a
>light hood with old CDs (silver and shiny) would make a good reflector.
>Sounds like an interesting idea. Anyone think this would work? Would the
>light be reflected off at odd angles and not be good? answers, please.

Well Olga, since both you and "Elvis" live in Vancouver, perhaps you could
ask him if he has any of his old "standards" laying around that you could
use for this purpose.


Can't ya' just picture it - Steve, in the basement of his new house, all
decked out in sequined bell bottoms, with sunglasses and guitar, singing to
his plants... "You 'ain't nothin' but a hound-dog...."


James Purchase
Toronto - where we are having yet another snow storm!