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All Glass Hood Details

Thanks for the comment Bob, however, the hood was made by all-glass 
aquarium of Franklin, Wisconsin.  It comes as a combo with a black, 
plastic canopy on which it sits.  The combo is built for 24 inch long 
tanks and has the following information on multiple stickers on it:

Conforms to ETL 1018 as Electrical Aquarium Equipment
Runs 15 watt bulbs
Manufactured by All Glass Aquarium Co. Inc., Franklin Wisconsin.
Inspected on 07-96

The black plastic hood holds a white plastic reflector/inexpensive 
ballast holder.  I has two vents, each about four inches long, set in 
about 2.5 inches from each end to relieve the fixture of the generated 

I'll contact the fellow who says he's had this problem before and report 
the results back later.  As I've said, the other identical hood I have 
has not disintegrated the same way, even though it has used the same 
bulbs.  It must be a slightly different plastic as I suggested and 
Wright echoed.

Colin Anderson 

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