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Critical tank temperature?

I have been an idle observer for a few weeks, and frankly the knowledge shared
by the members of this newsletter is very gratifying.  I am happy to report
that even in Des Moines at a LFS I was able to pick up some SAE and also AE
shrimp, although at an inflated price.  I do, however have one question: Is
the temperature of the going to have an effect on the well being of the
plants?  I have three power glo bulbs on a 58 gallon tank, and by the end of
the day the tank approaches 82 F.  I know how to alleviate the problem, but I
wonder if it's necessary.  I am wondering if it is the temp. causing the
paleness of my sword plant.  Also, dwarfed leaf structure.  Everything else in
the tank seems to be right where it should be.  I use Sea Chem products and
CO2 injection.

Gregory J. King