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Re: Light meters

>From: cwells <cdwells at concentric_net>
>Subject: DIY light reflectors

>Does anyone have any suggestions on good light meters and the source to
>buy them to test the results?
>Chris Wells

Hi Chris-

There are several sources for light meters, ranging from fairly cheap (ca.
$80-$130) to as expensive as you want to get.  Most of these give light
levels in fedunky units like footcandles or lux.  Try contacting:

Thomas Scientific (800-345-2100)--SPER Scientific digital meter, 0.1-20K
lux ca. $108.00

VWR (800-932-5000)--VWR brand digital meter, broad range lux and
footcandles, ca. $99.00

Ward's (800-962-2660)--They have a small unit in what looks to be
footcandles for ca. $80, and something they call a "plant light and water
tester" for ca. $25--not sure how the light meter works, but I think we
probably have the water needs covered ;-)

I've arbitrarily chosen the above sources based on price, but if these
don't get it for you, e-mail me off list and I'll give you some other
numbers to call.

Now, if you're looking for a photometer that measures PAR (which is really
what we're interested in) be prepared to shell out really big bucks!  Try
Li-Cor (800-447-3576).

Disclaimer: This does not imply my endorsement of or expertise about these
products or the companies that sell them, nor am I affiliated with any of
the above.