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SAE vs Flying Fox

SAE's have transparent fins, and Flying Foxes do not.
SAE's have a single pair of barbels on their upper lip while Flying Foxes have
two pair of barbels on theirs.
SAE's will eat threads algae, Flying Foxes will not.
Flying Foxes are generally peaceful but they will also act territorial towards
their own space. As they get older they will increase their aggressiveness.
SAE's are good fish for a community tank but at times they will compete with
other SAE's.
Flying Foxes will grow to about 6" and SAE's to 5.5
While both of these fish are egglayers, neither has been successfully bred in
an aquarium.
This information was obtained from " Aquarium Atlas version 1" by Baensch.

Tom Bates
Allentown, PA