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SAE vs Flying Fox

>SAE's have transparent fins, and Flying Foxes do not.
>SAE's have a single pair of barbels on their upper lip while Flying Foxes have
>two pair of barbels on theirs.

There are other very noticeable differences.  Flying Foxes have a broad
gold band above the black, and a "browner" tone all over.

>SAE's will eat threads algae, Flying Foxes will not.

I have never really noticed Flying Foxes eating ANY algae.  They are nice
fish, but I wouldn't buy them for algae control.

>Flying Foxes are generally peaceful but they will also act territorial towards
>their own space. As they get older they will increase their aggressiveness.

I've kept them for many years.  While it is true that they can be scrappy
with other similarly shaped fish, they are far from "aggressive" if kept in
a tank of appropriate size. (4' or larger)

>While both of these fish are egglayers, neither has been successfully bred in
>an aquarium.

I don't know about flying foxes, but SAE's have definitely been bred in the
aquarium, although it is far from an every day occurrance.