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dwarf E. radicans blooming

I moved three weeks ago and had to move my planted tanks and all my big
cichlid tanks.  I put the planted tanks so that they get 3-6 hours of sun
aday.  since then my E. radicans has sent out runners that are flowering,
the sag is flowering.  the crypts are thinking of flowering.  The thing
that struck me about the flowering of the E. radicans is that the
photoperiod is about 18 hours.  The lights for the tank run on a 12 hour
photoperiod but the tank get some light from outside for 2 hours in the
early morning then sun light for about 3-6 in the late morning the mid
afternoon which overlaps with the florescents.  I while ago on this list
there was a discussion about the sword needing complete darkness for and
extended time in order to flower.  Mine are getting about 6 hours of 
complete darkness and about 18 hours of light.

I do have to say there is nothing neater that seeing the tank when
illuminated by the sun.   The whole tank glows green and my apistos
ortmaini are eating better and gaining weight.  The A. cacatuoides are
growing like weeds and my adult male triple red is so brightly colored.
The jardini arawana is just growing like a weed and his colors are just
amazing.  I did lose my SAE in the move he jumped in the car and was
discovered after it was too late.  

Tank Specs

30 gallon long
kitty litter and sand substrate
2 40 watt floresences 1 actinic, 1 chroma 50,
PMDD (Mostly just the MgSO4 and the K2SO4)

melon sword,  E. radicans dwarf was one now is several, E. tenellus (it
has taken over the whole tank.  I am now clipping it and giving it to my
severums who gobble it up.), Brazillian swords, Oriential swords, some
other sword that i forgot what it is I have had it for 3 three years,
Scarlett Hygro, Green hedge, Anubius nana, Some other Anubius, madagascar
lace, crypt walkeri lots of it, crypt willisi some, some other red plant
can't remember what it is, Mymica, Sag, and dwarf water onions.

The fish:
4 Apisto ortmanni almost full size, 4 Apisto cacatuoides 1 full grown male
3 juvinelles, 2 black neon tetras The male cacatuoides  killed the other 2, 
1 otto 3 pygmy corys These have to be the cutest of all corys, 1 Jardini
arawana 3 in long The most impulsive and expensive fish purchase I have
ever made, Used to have an SAE but he jumped.  I would get another one it
they are impossible to find in NM.


~~Sally Johnson~~~~~~~www.unm.edu/~sbuna~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Love is a perky elf dancing a merry little jig and the suddenly he turns
on you with a miniature machine gun"  -Matt Groening