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RE: Tin foil

Subject: Re: DIY light reflector ideas

>Why not try some tin foil.  It's nice and shiny and reflects light well.
>Try to keep it as flat as possible because the wrinkles will reflect the
>light in any direction.

>Jason Miller

Be careful when using tin foil as reflector. When water condenses on the
tin foil it will oxidize, and when this gets into the water it's toxic!!
I use it myself but have to change the tin foil every couple of weeks and
clean the ceiling of the hood. BTW I think wrinkles (not too many) might do
a better job spreading the light.

Hugo Hoekstra

I have used an adhesive backed, aprox. 4" wide stainless steel tape that I
purchased years ago at an auto parts store. This stuff is designed to hide
rusted out rocker panels etc. and had proven to be indestructible for almost
any use and the adhesive is very strong, don't try and remove is after you
stick it on as it makes duct tape look like scotch tape!
Bob Buettner