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Molly question

I am setting up a 40 gallon plant tank; plants arrive tomorrow or 
Thursday.  In preparation, I"m quarantining some algae eaters--2 Otos, 3 
tiny SAEs (I was amazed to find them but they're the real thing) and 3 
Mollys.  Problem:  now have 10 Mollies.  I don't really want to be 
overrun with them in the plant tank!  And I'm afraid it will be 
difficult to catch the critters in a 40 gallon full of plants!

I didn't intend to have the Mollies as permanent residents, anyway; just 
as initial algae eaters through the early unstable periods.  Will the 
Otos and SAEs be enough?  If so I may see if I can return the Mollies or 
trade them with someone else!

Hallie Ray, Virginia, USA
hray at hotmail_com

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