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Re; Tiger Lotues!

I have yet to see a photo on the net that beats MY lotuses. I don't know
why these plants are not more popular. My LFS gives me whatever I want for
a trade so they can be placed in their display tanks.   

The plants seem to prefer a layered topsoil-gravel substrate w/ a Mexican
Red clay ball imbedded w/ fertilizer. You must use CO2 to get the best out
of these plants. They absorb a great deal of nutrients through their
leaves, so prudent dosing would be an asset (I however, don't dose...too
afraid of algae w/ the GTE full spectrum bulbs).
I am most successful when the plants are grown in tanks no taller than 30cm
I use 2(40W)GTE daylight bulbs. I believe if you want success in a tank 33%
deeper, be prepared to double the light intensity. Leaves will leap frog to
the surface as each new leaf blocks the light of the lower leaves, creating
an attractive elephant-eared shaped dense purple bush. Growing them for a
few months in a ten gal. then transferring them to 55gal will also give
this effect.
Without strong light ALL new leaves make a B-line for the surface where
they spread out like real "lily" pads and block light to nearby (and not so
nearby plants).