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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #879

> Date: Mon, 01 Mar 1999 13:55:18 -0500
> From: Jennifer Glover <jglover at autometric_com>
> Subject: Java Moss vs. Algae
> I know this may sound like a really dumb question, but can Java Moss resemble
> algae?


    You should of heard some of mine on other lists. ;)    First time so take it
easy on me. :)

    Jennifer I have Java Moss in a 20 and a 55 right now. In the 55 the Moss is
covered BY algae but doesn't "look" like algae. So the initial reply would be
no. It'll still "look" like Java Moss if it was.Snip.....

>  How resilient is java moss?


    I can attest to this. It's one of the hardest plants to kill I've seen. This
past autumn I had some out on the porch in a basin. It froze for a week, about
1/4" of ice on the top. I brought it inside and threw it in the 20 long. I have
not, to date, added any moss from the 55 and I'm able to harvest every month and
take it to the LFS. I also just shipped some from CT to a lady in FL. Overnight
and it stayed in her local post office for two days. Last report was the stuff
was growing as good as ever.


>  Will it take fragmentation and still keep coming back?

    You bet! As stated above I take my excess to the LFS. When I started I
warned him it was a "weed." He puts it in one tank, a 10, and swears he hasn't
added it to any other. You know something, just about every tank he has has some
moss in it, a little over a year later. Now granted I assume little "chunks" got
spread around and it was not passed through his central filtration system.


> The algae/moss seems to come in two forms, one has shorter strands (maybe half
> inch to inch) that attach to stuff like wood/gravel, or just kind of grow in a
> little clump. The stuff is course and comes up in a clump when you pull on it.

    This could very well be Java Moss, maybe covered in algae. Not seeing a
picture makes it hard to I.D.

>  The other variety is really soft, silky and long and also comes up in a clump
> when you pull on it, but stays together better than the other stuff.


    I assume this is hair algae by the description.


> As far as algae eaters in the tank, I have 6 adult SAEs, 1 baby SAE, 5 Ottos,
> and 1
> gold nugget pleco in the tank.


    Might I suggest the "Flying fox", sorry don't have my book at work to look
up a proper name. In each of my 55's I have 2 SAE's, 3 Otto's, and 2 Flying
Fox's. Seems to work for everything but the hard little dots on the glass.

    Ok I'm done. Flame guns on! I'm new to plant tanks also, so don't listen to
me if someone else comes up with something. I've been in the hobby for the past
14 years, continuous, and 5 before that, off and on. Ask about Kribs or Africans
and I'm yours. :)