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Java Moss vs. Algae

>I know this may sound like a really dumb question, but can Java Moss 
>resemble algae? 

Well, it doesn't look like algae to me, but I can see how someone without
much experience with Java Moss and tough filamentous algae could confuse them

>I have this algae in my tank, that nothing in there seems to be eating, but 
>I began
>to wonder if it was really algae, when I pulled some up.  It felt and
looked (I
>didn't try tasting it, yuck!) just like Java Moss.  I had java moss in my 
>75G tank
>for a while, but after it began taking over, I removed it and put it in a 
>tank (29G).  The problem was that the power head was blowing little bits of 
>it all
>over and pulling strands across the tank, so that it tangled in other 
>plants.  The
>smaller tank doesn't have the same current flow, so now it all stays in a 
>big ball at
>one side.  It was never really all that bad, but now I am finding little 
>bits of this
>stuff growing in odd corners and niches in the 75G.  How resilient is java 
>Will it take fragmentation and still keep coming back?

Absolutely!  One of the quickest ways to get more is to chop it up into
little pieces and spread it out on the bottom of a tank where it all gets
light better.  You'll soon have all you need. (or more ;-)