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Re: 'Rock and Roll plants'

> From: "Kevin Jones" <spikes37 at hotmail_com>
> Subject: Re: 'Rock and Roll plants'
> >Just thought it was interesting and wondering if anyone on the list
> uses music for their aquariums.  James
> My 30 and 20 gallon tank stand is about 4 feet from my 200 watt stereo,
> which is played every morninig at a fairly loud volume, before I bought
> the stereo this summer, I was having troubles with my some of my crypts
> and swords, now everything is fine, probably just a coincidence
> though...  Or is it?

Mmmmmm, when I listen to rock & roll music the cryptys seem don't like it,
they seem to prefer easter sitar music with tablas. Try the bamboo flutes for
this species, maybe Kitaro will help. Cyrpts that were imported to the US
long time ago and propagated might have a preference to Jazz.
I love reggae and the like, the swords are now flowering after a recent binge
of Bob Marley and Dr. Albans.  ;-)

Steve, what would be suitable for Philipino crypts?

Raj, vu2zap
Bangalore, South India