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Apple Snail Book

In Aquatic Plants Digest   Wednesday, February 24 1999   Volume 03 : Number
868 "Colin Anderson" <colin_d_anderson at hotmail_com>

I'm interested in the following book:

Dr. Gloria Perrera, Apple Snails in the Aquarium : Ampullariids : Their
Identification, Care, and Breeding

Has anyone out there read it?

I have read through this book and have it in hand.

Is there much information on genetics?

 There is not to much genetic info in the book.  It is mainly concerened
with the many different species if "Apple" snails including several
different species of mystery, ramshorn, pond and MT snails.  It does state
that mystery snails are variable in shell and body color.

This book is not primarily written for the aquarist although many of the
pictures are taken of aquarium species, others are taken in the field
showing different types of egg masses.

There are even a couple of apple snail recipes. ie.spple snails in white
wine and apple snail croquettes

I've got them breeding madly and am coming up with four colour
variations and a wide variety of growth rates.  Colors are basically,

1)Purple with dark stripes
2)Opalescent 'whiter' color with no stripes
3)Normal brown with dark and light stripes
4)'Caramel' brown with no stripes

The last batch I've raised has yielded snails that after 2.5 months vary
from a little under the size of a pencil eraser to the size of a golf
ball.  I've no idea why the wide variation in growth rates--besides
evolutionary ponderances.

And I know they're herbivorous, it doesn't matter, I've got about eighty
of them growing in a 33 planted, they only eat the detritus and algae on
the glass, the perfect pet, right!?!?  They NEVER touch the plants.  But
I can only state this for the young, the adults may be a slight bet more
agressive but I really doubt they'd cause much damage.  They(adults)
didn't like windelov java fern so...

Colin Anderson

Ron Dubbs
Brighton, TN

P.S. Colin if you need more info ao a copy of APD 868 e-mail me off list.