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redoing a 29 gallon tank

I have a 29 (30) gallon tank that I set up 3 years ago, long before I knew
about this list.  Anyway, I am changing the gravel to fluorite.  Then I am
replanting what I think is E. tenellus.  These plants grew into two big
chunks of "sod".  They also sent out runners and there are other plants all
over the place. I want to replant these as individuals - right now they are
sitting in a 10 gallon just floating around until I get the Fluorite
(Thursday).  There are also 2 Windelov - one is the size of a cabbage, the
other is smaller.  On top I have water sprite which I also intend to leave
in.  The tank gets almost 3 watts to the gallon.  Right now there are 6
dwarf gouramis in the tank.  One male and 5 females.  (I'm not sure how
lucky he thinks he is, because they always want to spawn and actually bully
each other for the prime position under the bubble nest),

What I would like to do is put a plant like a Spathophyllum close to the
edge of the tank in such a way that the roots are in the water, but the
plant is growing above the tank. Last year there was at least one article in
one of the fish magazines about doing this sort of thing, but the author
used eggcrate.  I don't want to use eggcrate.

What plant or plants can I grow so that the roots are immersed but the green
parts are emersed?  I know that sword plants can get huge and grow out of
the water, but I have a strip light over the tank, and they would get
burned. Also, what can I use to hold the plant firmly in place and yet give
the roots freedom to grow?

The tank is beside a window that faces W-SW.  During the summer the tank
gets some direct sunlight - I can modify this as necessary with a net

Partly, I want to see if given enough places to hide, will any gourami fry
survive.  I am prepared to make them a baby holder.  (The gouramis I do have
are home grown, so I've done this before and it's a bit of a nuisance.)

I am prepared to place an entire row of plants along one side of the tank if
I can get something that will thrive under these circumstances.

I know that in this situation I will have to watch my nitrates, and probably
add some.

So please, does anyone have suggestions as to what plants to use, and how to
keep them in postion.

G. Kadar