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Plecos and Acrylic Tanks

While doing some research at "The Krib" I ran across an article "Good (and
Bad) Beginner Fish" by Dean Hougen (at http://faq.thekrib.com/fish-
popular.html) that stated "Plecos should *not* be kept in wooden tanks, or
even acrylic ones for that matter, as they may chew into the tank material
damaging it and/or themselves (by ingesting toxins or undigestible matter).

I have never talked to anyone that has had first hand experience with damage
to their acrylic tank due to plecos chewing on it.  Has anyone on the list had
experience with plecos chewing holes in acrylic tanks?  How about Otocinclus
(Otocinclus cats are also members of the same Loricariidae family as plecos)?

Roger Gordon
San Diego