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Collapsing fluval media

>They appear to me, at least from my brief encounter with them, to be very
>similar to the Aquarium Systems "Duetto" filters or the Fluval Internal
>Cartridge filters. All of them are basically just a water pump with a sponge
>filter attached to it. I have several Fluval Internal filters and they work
>well, but the foam used has a tendancy to collapse after a while (perhaps I
>just don't rinse them out often enough).

(FYI, I've owned exaclty one eheim, it was about 15 years old when I got it,
I ran it for two years then sold it to somebody; it melted down 6 months later.
I have no idea what this proves, if anything)

My daughter (7) has one of those Tetra "all in one" 10 gallon tanks; it came
with an internal fluval 1. It burend out once when I was changing water
and forgot about it in mid change. It seems it it runs "dry" for a few hours
it'll die, which seems quite resonable, considering.

I replaced it with a fluval 2 internal, and have used the polyester
mesh/carbon pads. They seem to last almsot a year before they collapse.

Fluval has just discontinued the single packs of these and they are
available at a discount at the LFS. I switched to the blue foam
thingy which seemed tobe fairly useless as a filter media, the 
polyester ones were musg mush better, but as I said, collapsed over time.

So, now I have an old polyester one *over* a blue foam thingy. Are
you saying, James, that the blue foam thingys collapse? I have 20 year
old tetra sponges that are still viable...

This is all probably more microanalysis that 6 neons warrent, BTW.

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