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Technical warning

>From: Steve Pushak <teban at powersonic_bc.ca>
>Subject: RE: Kitty Litter & CEC

>Warning: technical

Thanks for the warning Steve. All us poor little brainless types can just
skip to the easy things and leave all this hard scientific stuff to you and
those (I guess you think you're talking to) with the really big brains. <f>

>Yes, CEC is not the only factor which affects how well a substrate can
>provide or retain nutrients of various kinds. I think there are 4
>factors or categories:

What I want to know, before I read this long post, is how you come to
*think* this? Did it come to you in your sleep? Have you fathomed it out by
probing your substrate? Did you read it in books? Is it original thought?
Just how did you come to the 4 factors or categories?? And which are they
anyway... factors or categories?? You must be using the biochemisty
definition of "Factor": any of certain substances necessary to a
biochemical or physiological process, exp. those whose exact nature and
function are unknown. Or are you thinking they match the philosophical
definition of "category": any classification of terms that is basic and not
susceptable of further analysis. 

Oh Lordy! Let them be categories!

in Vancouver where it is cold right now