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attack over nothing

>From: jettat19 at idt_net (JJ)
>Subject: Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #853
>Ok, Mr purchase.  If you decide to let it go, I can also.  Please do not
>comment on my typo's.  If you do, I will be forced to comment on the poorly
>checked grammar and run on sentances in your post.

OOOOh...what's with you, Plano guy? Why are you so upset? James was
commenting about *his own* typos and spelling errors... not yours.

  The EHEIM is not a clear
>winner, and it does not have vastly superior components.  The professional
>series does.  I say you give it a rest.  Both filters are excellent, and are
>invaluable to the fish hobby.  I know you will not waver from your stance.
>The fluval will continue to be produced for a long time. 

Do you make these things or something? Why can't someone have an opinion
that another filter is superior? I have an Eheim and I love it. I haven't
used a Fluval but I couldn't care less if you hate Eheim and love Fluval or
vice-versa. Sheesh, you must have nothing else to think about to get so
aireated over such a little thing. Makes me wonder whether you're
deliberately trying to get a little flame burning.

puzzled in Vancouver