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re: RE: CO2

Tony Rubin wrote:
> I am not sure about the needle valve.  It seems to me these
> are only needed for low pressure systems?  I think I just use
> the regulator to get the PSI down to 15, right?  So here is
> what I am thinking about getting. 5 pound CO2 tank (limited
> space) 2 stage CO2 regulatorn Eheim diffuser.

My comments:
Between  'regulators'  and  'needle valves',  the more functionally
precise terms are  PRESSURE  regulator and  FLOW CONTROL
needle valve. A regulator can't be expected to provide a precise stream
of gas from ( high tank input pressure ) ==> ( 1-2psi output pressure ).
The needle valve is designed to be the extra piece which can provide a
precise stream of gas from ( regulator output pressure ) ==> ( 1-2 psi
output pressure ).  Since the Eheim diffuser isn't concerned with
1-2psi pressure,  you don't need the needle valve.

If space is an issue,  you can also consider a 2.5lb cylander.  For this
system, you will also need a piece to deal with the metric Eheim hosing
( inside diameter=2mm, outside diameter=4mm ) and the U.S. hose
connection off your regulator.  I have used a PennPlax brand adapter
which I obtained from a LFS.

Christopher Coleman
christopher.coleman at worldnet_att.net