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RE:Crypt melt

The melting of Crypts is a long misunderstood question as to why they
"melt". From what some experts say and my own obsevations , enviormental
, not bacterial or virial (They might play a role after the enviormental
change) ,look to be the culprit. Crypts don't sponaneously melt unless a
change like lighting(more,less,old bulbs),CO2,removal of a large amount
plants from the tank, filtration problems-algae problems ......etc.
IMHO.They have never melted in a nicely balanced stable tank. Even if
the change is for the better of the tank,they'll often melt also.Healthy
organisms have no problem thwarting disaeses unless they are stressed.
The main thing is to maintain a stable enviorment! This will help all
your plant too.
Some folks have suggested that it is caused by lack of calicum and it
effects the cells causing lysis.I'm not certain except how to avoid the
problem. Hope they grow back for you!
Tom Barr     AGA