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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #852

>This is one of the most idiotic things I have heard.  I don't want to get
>why... but it sounds completly insane.  Does this mean that we can't look
at a
>mirror and see light because it might kill us?  Does this mean that we
>shouldn't use reflectors in conjunction with our light hoods?  I have a
>vacation home that you might like to buy in the middle of the arctic

>Chris Ferrell

> I was browsing rec.aquaia.freshwater.plants recently and came across
> >mkaczur at earthlink_net wrote:
> >>
> >> I started reflecting sun with a mirror to my plant aquarium.   Will
> >> reflecting the sun with a mirror be benificial to the plants???    My
> >> aquarium is a 30 gallon tall with two 20 watt tubes.     Michael
> >
> >No, reflecting sunlight from a mirror changes the polarity of the light.
> >The reversed polarity may kill the plants.
> Holy cow, I never thought of this. Is it possible?

I agree with Mr. Chris Farrell in nature sun light is being reflected all
the time especially on the sea, rivers, lakes and waters. Light gets
polarised each time it is reflected so there is a lot of polarised light
going around in nature and it seems that both terrestial and aquatic plants
do not seem to mind at all. In this case the term reversed polarity has no
meaning we are talking about light not electricity.