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CO2 Setup

I have read the information on The Krib and I think I have a pretty good
idea of how to setup a CO2 system, but I want to be sure I get the right
thing.  I found a local home brew store that sells tanks of CO2.  They have
some that are filled, but they don't fill them there, but I know where they
can be filled so that is no problem.  They are asking $59 for a 5 pound
tank, which from what I read seems reasonable.  The next part is what I need
a little help with.  I am thinking about purchasing the following from Pet

Aqualine Buschke Regulator Gauge $129.95
Aqualine Buschke Bubble Counter $24.95
Aqualine Buschke Reactor $27.95

From what I read the above regulator gauge includes the pressure reducer and
fine settings valve which seems to be exactly what I'm supposed to get,
although they are sometimes two pieces.  The bubble counter also includes
the equivlant to a check valve.

If anyone could possible take a look at Pet Warehouse's web site or catalog
and confirm that this is what I need, it would be most appreciated.