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Dupla Availability

O.K. all you Dupla weenies, we can relax now! (At least, I think we can
relax now.)

As I said a few weeks ago, I had contacted Dupla and enquired about their
intentions concerning the North American market, now that J.P. Burleson is
no longer their US Distributor. They advised me at the time that while they
are without an official distributor, they would sell me what I wanted direct
from Germany and would get back to me with pricing details.

I waited, and waited, and waited some more (I can be a very impatient person
at times <g>).

A recent visit to the English language version of the Dupla website caused
me pause, as it states that "a direct supply of customers from Dupla Germany
is not possible", and thay ask for patience while they look for a solution
(I assume another distributor).

Well, the wait appeas to be over. This morning's mail contained a rather
substantial package from Dupla Aquaristik GmbH. Inside was a 22 page
catalogue (approximately 8" X 11.5"), a bunch of promotional literature and
(most important of all) a Consumer Price List.

It appears that the information on the website is incorrect - at least for
those of us in Canada. Given the size of the American market against the
Canadian one, I doubt that they would ignore a request from those of you
south of the 49th parallel who requested a copy of their catalogue and
consumer price list. (mailto:dupla at aol_com)

The prices, given a quick glace, appear to be slightly less than those
offered by Burleson (now, why doesn't THAT surprise me?), and in line with
Daleco's or Pet Warehouse pricing. Of course, Duty will probably be payable
(and GST, ugh!) on most of it as Canada doesn't have a Free Trade Agreement
with the European Union as of yet. But at least I can GET Dupla products
once again.

Now, if I can only persuade Dennerle to do something similar.... they told
me over a year ago that they were planning on distributing their products on
this side of the pond, but so far, nothing has happened. Maybe an organized
e-mail attack requesting the service would work...

For those of you diametrically opposed to (relatively) expensive, high tech
approaches to aquarium keeping, I'm sorry for the post. For the rest of us,
let's party!

James Purchase