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Re: Fluval 303 Problem

Re: Problems starting Fluval

Charlie,  Fluvals are not the easiest filter in the world to get started,
though I've found them to be quite reliable once the get going.

The first thing is to make sure the filter is lower than the aquarium, since
it isn't very good at "sucking" the water in, and needs the gravity feed.  I
always fill the canister before hooking it up, though once you get some
suction going, it will fill the cannister from the tank anyway.  The problem
with Fluvals is that a pocket of air is trapped at the top of the cannister,
which (unfortunately) is where the impeller is.  If the impeller is spinning
in air, it can't push the air out and the filter won't start.  Though
awkward, I will sometimes lift the cannister and tilt it to the side to get
the water into the impeller, then set it upright and shake it a bit to break
the air into smaller bubbles which the impeller might clear.

Some days, it starts right up, other days I'm reduced to a cursing,
blithering idiot, but I always get it started.  It might be my imagination,
but I'm pretty sure I can see my angels all bunched up pointing and laughing
at me during these episodes.