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Cheap gravel

>>Home Depot, Discount Auto, Sears...Scratch!  There has GOT to be someone on
>>the list that knows where I can find this stuff down here. Please HELP!
>Here in Dallas, 10 years ago many of the fish stores used to sell genuine 50
>lb. bags of TexBlast, for about $5 a bag.  When I got to looking around for
>gravel recently, TexBlast was nowhere to be found, but many of them are now
>selling 50 lb. bags of pool filter sand (for rapid sand filters on swimming
>pools), for about $12 a bag.  When I asked 'em to point to it in a tank, it
>looked very similar, at least to me.  You might try your local swimming pool
>supplier (around here we have more of them then we do 7-11's it seems; I'm
>sure So. Florida is probably even worse :-)

Also look in the phone boof under "aggregates", "home building
supplies" and "gerden centers". I've had luck with all three
types of stores; call around and see what they have.

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