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Re: Customer is always WRONG

Tony wrote:
>>Hmm, I am in business and hadn't thought of that. Of course, when I get my
first complaint, I will just say the customer is unreasonable.
Now I know what it takes to stay in business since 1974.<<

Nooooo, don't give in to the dark side, Luke!  Doing business with you
reminded me what customer service is SUPPOSED to be, after having gotten
used to the idea that every transaction via mail-order was a contest of
wills and endurance.  Don't leave me now!

I've had experiences such as "Plaintiff Bob's" when dealing with companies
which originated as wholesale companies, then grew into the retail arena.
Their company cultures and internal attitudes regarding customers never
seemed to evolve into what was required to deal with private individuals who
have spent money directly out of their paycheck rather than employees of
another company who merely dispersed funds.