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Alternative to heating cables

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Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 23:44:46 PST
From: rice guy <hotricee at hotmail_com>
Subject:  Alternative to heating cables

They sell reptile heaters pads that could stick to the bottom of glass 
enclosures. I use one on a tank with gravel cover and it keeps the 
gravel on top of it nice and warm. I was just considering it as a cheap 
alternative to heating cables. I can't recall the biggest size they make 
them in, or how much they go for, but I'm pretty sure they are 
dirt-cheap when compared to Dupla. I can't imagine any "risks" 
involved--except maybe the thing running too hot. Anyone think of any 
potential hazards? Anyway, anyone have an extimate of the cost for 
sufficient amount of dupla cable (or is it cables? Im not familiar with 
the dupla hook-up) to heat, let us say, 50 gal tank?  

Toan T.
Hotricee at hotmail_com

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