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Re: flourite

> Flourite is in all the mail order catalogues. I've been trying to get
> some from Pet Warehouse and That Fish Place, but they haven't been able
> to get any in for almost a month. I finally found some from Pet
> Solutions. They had some in stock.
> Is it that popular that Seachem can't make enough?

I'm having my sales manager look into the availability problem... 
there should not be one... but as I was gently reminded today, don't 
forget your LFS, they may very well be able to get it much quicker 
and if enough people ask, they will carry it all the time.

To the second questions, Yes, we can make enough, but just barely ;-) 
It is _extremely_ popular... it just flies out of here.

-Greg Morin

Gregory Morin, Ph.D.  ~~~~~~~Research Director~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Seachem Laboratories, Inc.      www.seachem.com     888-SEACHEM