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Re: "Algae Eating Shark"

Sounds a lot like a Black Shark, Morulius chysophekadion.  I wouldn't rank
it as a great algae eater, but there's a bigger problem: they quickly grow
to a foot or more and have quite an attitude.


>Also, I have spotted an "Algae Eating Shark" at my LFS.  It looks similar
to a red
>tailed shark but is not quite as streamlined and dones't have the red
fins.  It's
>body is all black.  It has 2 small barbels.  They want 6.99 for the guy
(they only
>have 2).  Any ideas on what it is or what it eats.  The only algae that I
have in
>my tank is some BBA and some spot algae.  Do you think one or two of these
>would help?  I also have 4 platys, 4 flagfish, 3 otos, 2 pl*cos (2") and 6
>barbs in the 55 gallon.  Would they all be competing for the same algaes
or would
>he attack the other types that are not being eaten?