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Re: black brush algae

From info on this list and doing some reading I discovered that this
supposed horrible vegetative organism likes to live in water that has a lot
of nitrate in it.  I had a 65 full of the stuff.  I threw out all the plants
that were not cleanable and cleaned out the gravel with 30% water changes
every 3 days for 2 weeks.  I also decreased my fish load (it was a temporary
grow out tank for 6 months).  Then I replanted, increased my lighting and it
has yet to return.

I have heard/read that the only solution is to completely strip down a tank
and bleach it to death, etc.  But I figured, if nitrates were the chief
ingredient for this ugly stew, then I was willing to try a less aggressive
technique, more scientific.  Well, it worked.

G. Kadar