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fish compatability?

Hi all,
my tank is finaly starting to look good, the plants have grown hugely fast,
some of my test kits have arrived, some yet to come. The hair algae is
subsiding and I am planning on adding some fish soon.

Firstly are chinese algae eater (look similar to flying foxes and sae's)
any good, besides brown algae do they eat any other types, In my fish only
tank, discus etc they will absoltely devour brown alage (If i put a large
plastic amazon sword into a tank with a small CAE it will be as new clear
in a day.) However they seem to have no effect on green algae, film or the
2-3mm long stuff.

Secondly a nitrate test kit by aquasonic (I thinkk its AUS made) arrived
yesterday and i doubt it is correct, my discus FISH tank read only 5ppm
with heavy feeding.

Bristle nose catfish ancstris (sp?) are out of question as they eat plants.

Is it true that platties and guppies eat very fine leafed plants such as
Do angels do the same as they seem to love plant foods (vegetable flakes
and algae galore pellets for my other fish)
otherwise I am planning on some schools of tetras.
How many properly fed small tetras, neon, cardinal, rummy nose etc can be
put in a heavily planted 65 gallon tank with fast growing plants and weekly
30 percent water changes. (50 maybe)
My tank kH is 6 is this the recomended level for most plants? My tank is
full of common stem plants and some Echindorus blehri and cordiofolus (sp?)
and anubias nana - is this supposed to be planted on wood or in gravel  - i
tied mine to wood and its not doing so well - growing steadily but no new
leaves and yellow tinges on them - too bright a tank? its a 4x18x18 inch
with 160 watts fluro lighting.

Thanks all
Daniel Green
bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.edu.au